Jamón ibérico de cebo Alpujarra

Hind leg of black Iberian pig weighing approx. 8 kg.

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Hind leg of black Iberian pig weighing approx. 8 kg. 

Jamón ibérico de cebo is one of the best that Spanish gastronomy has to offer. The eight-kilo 'PATA NEGRA' jamón comes from a special breed of Iberian black-hoofed pig. The producer has perfect control over the quality of the legs, which then undergo a process of salting and drying in the dry and cold climate of the Alpujarra foothills.  Jamón ibérico has a more intense flavour than jamón serrano, which comes from normal white pigs, and the infiltration of fat into the pig's tissue makes each slice juicier. The intensity of the flavour of iberico jamón is also guaranteed by the incredibly long drying time, which is at least 2 years. Jamón ibérico is one of the pride of this secadero. 

Jamón ibérico is an absolutely unique delicacy on a global scale, incomparable to other dried products such as Italian prosciutto or French jambon.

In Spanish restaurants, jamón ibérico is one of the most sought-after and most expensive delicacies. Now you have the unique opportunity to taste this authentic delicacy in the highest quality also here.

Ingredients: pork, salt, preservatives E250 and E252

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